Your next Pathfinder character is...

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How does this work?

Here's the method this generator uses:

  1. Select a random ancestry.
  2. Select a random heritage from those available for the ancestry.
  3. Select a random background.
  4. Select a random class.
  5. Select a random specialization from those available for the class (if any).
  6. If there is more than one option for the key stat, select one at random.
  7. Apply the key stat boost.
  8. Apply the ancestry flaw (if there is one).
  9. Apply ancestry boosts. If the key stat is below 12, make sure a boost is allocated to it.
  10. Apply background boosts. If the key stat is below 14, make sure a boost is allocated to it.
  11. Apply the last round of free boosts. If the key stat is below 16, make sure a boost is allocated to it.
  12. Calculate hit points by adding the ancestry HP, class HP, and Constitution modifier.
Ingredients: Ballerina (generator), AngularJS, Bootstrap CSS (front-end presentation).

Why I built this

Pathfinder's second edition character creation rules are a natural evolution of the point-buy approach, which by and large I approve of: it makes for a more fun game when a party is made of characters of approximately equal ability. But it works against the creative roleplayer by entangling character backstory and stats. Particularly in the case of backgrounds, where even the promotional blog post that was supposed to get us all excited about the new system ran into the problem of none of the available options quite fitting the character concept. The solution, then, is to let the outline of the character come together first, then figure out the backstory.

Besides, some of us like having some randomness in our lives to make us try something new.